WILSON GLOBAL INVEST offers an update on tis tested and proven range of rugged manual welders for sector of small-series heat and pressure welding of blister packs, with heat-sealable compounds like paper, carton, aluminium or plastics.


  • Single front load kit
  • Double side load kit
  • Welding tools

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  • Use screws to adjust the height of the heatin plate with regard to the welding tool.
  • Set the general switch to 1, lighting the green pilot light.
  • Prefix the temperature on the temperature regulator.
  • Wait 15 minutes until the welding plate reaches 120-150 ºC and its ready to work when the green thermostat led lighs.
  • Place the blister pack in the welding plate.
  • Place the products to be packed inside the blister.
  • Place the welding tool under the welding plate.
  • Lower the lever manually until it reaches its horizontal position.
  • Wait 3 – 8  seconds (depending the product ) and manually raise the lever to its vertical position.
  • Remove the welding tool, remove the packaged pieces, and repeat the productive procces.


  • Welding area               250  x  350 mm.
  • Heating plate power   900 W
  • Power supply               220 V   F-N+TT
  • Consumption               4 A
  • Termperature probe   Type J. Removable by bayonet
  • Pressure exerted          560 daN
  • Manual Strength          4,5  daN on end of lever
  • Recovery            Via balanced anti-seizure spring
  • Dimensions       0,59 m. Height,   0,37 m. Width,   0,37 m. Depth
  • Weight              57kg