WILSON GLOBAL INVEST  offers its range of large surface semiautomatic thermoforming machines to mould large items out of thermoplastic films in reels.  Their built, on generic frames, can be customized to meet every need or application, covering areas as large as 3.000 x 2.000 m, with heights up to 800 mm

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  • Self-supporting frame, electrowelded with covering fairing
  • Upper heating chamber, split into several zones each with its own temperature setting
  • Pneumatically driven mould supporting table, fitted with crank and backlash
  • Vacuum moulding by blades’ pump fitted with a large reservoir
  • Adjustable moulding height, with intermediate stops
  • Mould denesting by blown air, adjustable pressure and flow
  • Material pre-stretch by air blowing
  • Adjustable hinged closing frame, to meet material thickness, with slots to mount reducers
  • Base with joint and reducing plates adaptor
  • Upper cooling by orientable large flow electrofans
  • Photoelectric barrier to prevent material bulging with blown air
  • Pneumatically driven clamps for film holding
  • Servomotor driven spindle, with intermediate positions
  • Item cutting by blade or pneumatical disk
  • Expelling by conveyor belt
  • Control cabinet with machine-independent wiring
  • Auxiliary control board on a mobile support
  • ISO compliant pneumatic equipment
  • Level IV safety barriers
  • Backlit LCD control screen with membrane pushbuttons
  • Up to 40 program memories
  • Vertical or frontal mould exchange


  • Pneumatical reel loader
  • Lower heating chamber split into different adjustable temperature zones
  • Upper pneumatically driven plug mould, with guides and butts
  • Plug mould power driven butts
  • Cooling plate on mould holding table
  • Double photoelectric upper barrier for prestretch control
  • Machine status sound/light warning
  • Moulding height depending on stacking
  • Upper cooling by water spraying
  • Ladder and catwalk to access the upper side
  • Customized machine colour