WILSON GLOBAL INVEST offers its reputed manual roll stamping machines for application in stamping of paper, cardboard, plastics, Skin-Pack or blister packs, moulded parts, thin films, aluminium foil wrap, cloth, etc.,  allowing multiple stamping of the same material. All the operations are performed by the same person.


Die Tools, Counterplates, etc.

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  • Place the cutter die of the ends.
  • Place the item to be stamped on the die cutters.
  • Set a Nylon counterplate on the item to be stamped (4-6 mm).
  • Push the unit (die+item+counterplate) towards the rollers.
  • Adjust the roller clearance using the two upper flywheels to leave a precise clearance. There should be a snug fit when adjusting the rollers, so that a slight pressure is exerted on the unit when passing throught the rollers.
  • Press one of the start buttons located on the side of the machine.
  • Push the assembly throught until the rollers catch the unit and move it automatically towards the opposite end of the table.
  • Press one of the stop buttons located on the side of the machine.
  • Remove the counterplate, remove the stamped item and remove cuttings.


  • Power Supply 380 V  3 F+N+TT
  • Electric Motor Power. 1 kW
  • Roller dimensions Widht 600 mm., Diameter 116 mm.
  • Roller finish Milled
  • Maximum Clearance Height 200 mm.
  • Maximum Cutting Width 560 mm.
  • Table Length 650 mm., x 2
  • Dimensions 1,5 m. Height,  0,89 m. Width,  1,49 m. Depth
  • Weight 355 kg